Kyra and me @ vizag

Tell us how will you live it up this summer with Kyra, have fun and enjoy sunshine like never before.??

The fact is, I loved seeing my imagination come to life. Spending a day with a sunshine girl in, my life. It was such an excitement for me, particularly when i got to know about the trip to a beach resort, it was like someone gave me a punch.

I was delighted in knowing that there was an offer going on Vizag beach resort. I  have decided to take Kyra there for my date.

She will have  to give her two thumbs-up for staying in coastal area. After months as a resident of landlocked area it will be a getaway for us.

Summers during March to May are oppressive in vizag and uncomfortable with temperature reaching a scorching level of 45°C or above and the high humidity level make the climate very sultry. I am worried that this might upset Kyra. But knowing that she is a sunshine girl, I am hoping that she would enjoy.

Day-1: Ramakrishna Beach and Rushikonda Beach

Place: So I would take her to Ramakrishna Beach, which is located at the east coast with a largest stretch of seafront, Ramakrishna beach is a favorite and nice spot to spend the time relaxing on the softy sand. The twin beaches – Ramakrishna Beach and Lawson’s Bay where it presents the tourists, mind-blowing scenic view of the nature, especially the reddish setting sun.  This would give her glimpse of the city.

Then I would take her to the beach resort where I have done the prior booking. This is in the Rushikonda beach.
I will take her for the water sports on the shore, which is spectacular with its golden sand and the tidy waves of Bay of Bengal.

Activity:  Swimming, water skiing and wind surfing.

Day-2:  Kailasa Giri:

Place; As the name suggests, the hill is Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, massive sculpture of Shiva and Parvathi is seen here.

Activity: with ropeway facility we will reach the hillock,. A playing field located in a picturesque and serene atmosphere, is sure to enthrall Kyra. Then I will take her on a Paragliding.

Day-3:Bheemli Beach (Bheemunipatnam Beach)

Place:The calm and serene Bheemunipatnam Beach is located at the confluence of Gosthani River and the Bay of Bengal. Bheemunipatnam is featured by the ruins of a 17th century fort and cemetery, and history reveals that this was a Dutch settlement earlier period.

activity: swimming and sightseeing

The beach and refreshing climate united with the agreeable nature with the lusting greenery all around and the lined palm groves makes it an admired beach.

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Note: i wrote this post and forgot to submit it for the contest.. still its ok.. let me not keep it draft lifelong.. 😛

Bunty b’day pics

pattu pavadai..
cake cutting..
finally the cake!!

Bikram.. here is the cake for you..  so, you must be wondering that, the cake has a two tier in 3rd pic and the cake cutting photo has only one tier.  it was a disaster. i had ordered the ice-pasterey. we expected ppl to come on time, and we didn’t want to arranged hings in front of them. we just placed the cake. our neighbors just said, 2 minutes and made us wait for long. then what happens.. yes you guessed it right, it started melting, the foundation collapsed and the top layer dropped on the bottom one. so, we cut only one cake. rest was again refrigerated and then distributed.

still we enjoyed her party yesterday. Bunty and her friends had great time, playing with balloons, eating cake and home made food. it was great day for her and us too.

p.s: Bunty is a year old.. that doesn’t mean i am also getting older.. 🙂

adoption in summer

The sky was cloudless, a beautiful blue, as we drove our car .As far as Kyra was concerned, life was perfect. I wanted to kiss her, took her chin up. She just said, “I want to talk to you.”

“And we’ve talked.” I couldn’t believe a beauty like her wanted to do social service? She was talking about adopting street children and taking care of them. “I enjoyed the thought of it.”

 Her words started a drumbeating in my head, slow, rhythmic, and seductive. I dragged towards me and give her a warm hug as appreciation.

Finally we reached our destination. She had lit candles and clipped flowers in the garden . We had the meal in the dining alcove, with its wide, curved window, with music from the sea and birdsong. A perfect setting for romance. Very much like. It’s was a magic palace.” And, listened to the sounds of water, with a fire going in the hearth and the good, smell of fresh air perfuming the air.

Nest day morning, we headed towards the orphanage.  She randomly picked up few kids. She said, “I’m going to take good care of them. Always. Look, dear, we have a big family now.”

You are such a darling. A sunshine girl.  She thought I was flattering her. I said, “Just as well I didn’t flatten you when I had the chance.”

When I was doing all the formalities of filling up the forms and other legal work. “Here” she held out a squealing infant. “Hold your son.” She said.

“Ah, Kyra, look at this. He has my eyes.” I said.

But the kids couldn’t get along with us initially. But Kyra is cheerful person who can make anyone enjoy her company. We took the kids to the sea resort where we stayed. It was afternoon by then. Kyra insisted in taking them out.  

I stayed back holding the infant with me. Other two kids followed her silently. They were scared what we would say, if they get indulged in any mischief. Kyra put them in ease. She pulled them into the water. After sometime, all three were holding their hands and getting inside water, splashing on each other, running away when the waves tried to touch them. What a sight it was. I saw Kyra turning a kid there.  Yes, her nature is what attracted me towards her.

All of us then started making sandcastle and played like never before. Kids were co-operative. This temporary adoption seemed to work.

Later after bath, all four of us sat by pool side sipping coconut water. Kids loved holding the colorful umbrella there, Kyra didn’t mind playing with them and posing for photographs. I felt little jealous looking at other men stare at her. they thought she was young and had three beautiful children , yet looked stunning. She gave them that carefree look.

A lady walked beside her and asked,” what Is the secret of your beauty?”

Kyra smiled and whispered in her ears,” lakme’ ”.

So, with summer camp organization we would join and help the underprivileged to learnt the water sports. We will find sponsors for the event. We will teach them, drawing, volley ball, and all possible things which could be done on sea shore.

 Summer temporary adoption seemed to work for us. We decided to this every summer on our vacations.  What a beautiful holiday it is, with a beauty like Kyra next to me, ready to do service all her life. Initially I was in love with her out skin, now I am in love with her as entirety.

Birthday dress

Yes, bunty ‘s birthday is coming up. I bought her 4 dresses. Here are the pictures.

I wanted her to try them, but she is reluctant to remove them. She already used 1 dress which I got for her b’day. I realized that she is found of pattu-pavadi. Initially she was little uncomfortable as, she never wore a full length dress till now, that too silk for highly humid climate.

now dress is done, but debate is going on if the party has to be small one or a grand one?? Finally we are convinced that we are going host only a small party with only bunty’s friends. So, she will also enjoy. I don’t want to bring in office crowd and try being a good hostess, leaving the baby in unknown world.


Office tales:

I am sitting in office and feeling bored today. I just kept on looking at people who work with me in my hall and started penning it down.

 Let me call people with numbers. We are seated in two rows, facing each other.

 Mr.1: he is just above the ground, must be only 4 feet something. When I joined this office, I remember, he always carried new paper along with him and read it. Then go for tea and later start his work. Now days he is not bring it (maybe he discovered online newspaper). He is Very quiet, always struck to his seat.

 Mr.2: he looks silent, but a knowledgeable man with good sense of humor.  He is always on time. I don’t even have to look at my watch. Again he is a workaholic person, seriously looking at his monitor. He demands respect not by force, but people will automatically give looking at him.

 Mr.3: another name of jolly carefree nature. But he is very efficient. Send him out for any work, he will come back only with success. He is interested in photography. He becomes a excited with all new thing and is full of positive aura and energy.

 Mr.4: a showoff character. Talented, but can never express it properly. Language is a problem. A localite, a mobile directory for us, need to buying things, regarding the best and worst of the city.

 Mr.5: somehow I feel like calling him a wanna-be dominating husband. He will project as though he is taking control of house, fiancé and everything but the decisions are always taken mutually by them. But he is a helpful character. He has great knowledge but always down to earth and always eager to read.

Row opposite to above seating starts now.

Mr.6: unpredictable character. At times really helpful, at time back biting.  Escapes when work is given, but projects as hard working. He is guru of electronics and everybody consults him for PC related queries. Though his designation is small, he has big contacts. So, nobody dares to mess up with him.

Mr.7: a newly married guy. Silent, always on phone as his wife works in a different state altogether.

Mr.8: my best friend. We are of same age, brought up in same state, working for same department with same grade. We have code words for every person and we talk in tamil as nobody around understand. We are there for each other, when work comes, we share ideas and we are not bothered about others. He is good friend of my husband too. We spend at least an hour together seeing matrimonial sites and commenting on girls and look for best match.

Ms.9: hey that me. You know me; I am good, always working, at times blogging and half the time wondering what to do.

Mr.10: he is a telugu Brahmin and considers himself as superior. He is talented and has lots of work experience. May be his experience itself is my age. But he behaves childish. He wants everything new, let it be PC or phone or Chair and he is not ready to share it with anyone. Have you ever seen someone getting wild if other person sits on his chair? He gets awesome, mouth watering food. He packs nearly 21 dabbas, Tupperware once, different colour and brings variety of dishes everyday. Can you imagine, pickle, dal, curry, rasam, curd, pachadi, sprouts, biscuits and some drink too.  I should appreciate his wifes skills. Did you think his wife is not working, no re she is state govt employee. She cooks and packs food by 8.30 in the morning.  So, I am not taking my husband to his house for lunch anytime in my life.

 Mr.11. he is another good friend of mine. A malu guy. He is a well wisher and adviser for me in need. I like him for his organized nature. Anything he would file, keep it organized. After two years, if I ask him for a document, he would take it and give me.

So we are the interesting 12 characters sitting in a room.  26 to 48 yrs old, people from various parts of the country working for a single cause. I am the single women in the hall and also in the department. I get unwanted attentions and also an excuse not to go to site.  I am pampered most of the times as I am the youngest too. I don’t know how long this extra attention is going to last. Let me wait and see. But desperately want a female college, an older one, who will be there when I say I have a problem and understand me.

Crush is temporary:

Ok, let me believe that I am writing this post and confessing the truth. I never thought I would tell out this world that I had so many crushes in my life. Recently I have evaluated the format in which I like somebody and also analysis of the time period of it with non-continuity of the same.

Observation-1: I have liking for people whose name starts with A, left hander’s, someone with artistic taste, malu , has good sense of humor and IITians. Font ask me why, no strong reasons for it.

Observation-2: I can casually flirt with them and men too respond back with all the energy. I have not faced a no-time for conversations or sometime later any time till now. I was actually called Kadali queen (flirting queen in college) as I could talk to any stranger with an ease.

Observation-3: I get bored of them within a week or so. As in, I will no more have crush on them. After talking to them, I realize that there is lot more to hate in that person than to like so much. And I become on their friends and my friends list goes up by a count.

Observation-4: later at some point when they really with me for more years, I do tell them that I had a crush on him and we laugh at it.

Observation-5: I am still good friend of all my crushes. We don’t tell out that we had a mutual crush years back or tease about it in public.

Now, you might be wondering what am I upto or why am I discussing all this?? Coming to the answer, there is a new guy in office. Looks to be intelligent, has good sense of humor, good name etc etc. of course married, about my age. After talking to him, going to canteen for a week, I realized that he is no more interesting. I told my husband, who is not even jealous about it. Then I remembered an article which published in “times of India”, years ago, saying it’s healthy to have a crush in office. It makes us feel younger and energetic. It gives us an excuse to look good, dress up well. So now what next? Just wait for someone new to join. .( tell more stories about him to hubby to irritate )

Note: hubby doesn’t react to this crush thing, as everybody in office knows I am married with a kid, he thinks nobody can adjust with me, as I demand more when it comes to office work and very strict about the output and was always called as lady Hitler during college days.

‘Lessons from Ma’

My mother is house-wife. She had this craze for novels and read them in one stretch without eating, sleeping and nothings goes into her head, even a bell or phone ringing. She expects things to be in order and hates people who disturb her routine or sleep for that matter.   But she did change a lot just bring her children up.

When I was in school:

 I had a friend who was physically challenged. Nobody sat next to him, as he always used to hit or pinch our classmates. My mom simply asked me to sit next to him. she said,” He would become your best friend”. Later it did happen that we (me and him) sat together for following many years and became the best friends.

She taught me to overlook the in-differences and just look at the best to be gained with patience.

When I was a teenager:

 Whenever I had a new crush in school, my mom could find out easily. But she never stopped me from talking to the person. I was really surprised. One day, when I was lying next to her on bed, she said,” do you know what, there is lots of option”. I got confused at her blank statement. She stated,” when you are in school, you find some boy really interesting and think that’s love. But when you go to your junior college, you will find someone more interesting, college you might think that you have found your true love. When you are working you will say, where was this person all my life?. “.

She was telling me not to get fixed to one guy, but to keep my options open.

She was true. My crush list did change often.

When I went to college:

She became my best friend. She wrote all the cinema theaters in a piece of paper and the bus routes with bus number written them. She said,” you can go for movie any time you want to.  May be because of that, I never went for a movie during my first year of college; as I felt I had permission to do it, I can go any time.

I learnt giving freedom is too a way of controlling unwanted behaviors.

When I went to office:

 I used be really nervous when I went for my first job, She said,” don’t panic, this is not end of life, you have many more job opportunities outside and nobody can stop you from giving the best”.

I learnt to work without expectation but looked for satisfaction.

When I got married:

 She said,” It is not necessary to extend pain. When you know that a relation doesn’t work, you have all right to walk out of it.”

She gave me hint that it was not easy to be in a relation with a person for long. There is always a give and take. It depends on me, how I look at it.

When I had my first kid:

 She just smiled and said,” you will grow with the baby”.

So I will learn to be good mom, as when the situation and needs demand. It does take time.

  I am still learning, this learning is not by force but by choice. I would cherish this life long and surely would modify to fir my daughter and use it on her. This post is small to explain her capabilities and services to us, it can never be repaid. I love you mom.

Evolution of mobile in my life.

Zoo zoo bean bag is so tempting that I am not able stop resist myself from writing another post. There is chance of increasing the probability of winning one.

This post is also a dedication for architecture students.

So let me start with the prank we used to do as college students with our mobile phones.

Basic mobile

Scene 1: this is when I got my first phone, and of course a sim card. Like anyone does, take the new number and send message to your own friends without revealing the identity. Most of the friends speculate it, few overlook it and few get really bugged. I used to play more with the bugged ones.

Scene 2: during the exam times, we had to share notes. So we used to change schemes on mobile connection so we get benefited with night-free-talk time. I used to stay awake all night revising my lessons with my buddy who was a day scholar and had internet connection at home. So, it was getting indirect internet information through mobile phone.

Scene 3: during the girl’s night out. When all the girls feel really bored and didn’t have anyone to talk to at night time, we used to call the service centers and ask for new talk time plans launched and do time pass. Yes, trust me it was useful in later stages of life. In fact dew girls practiced how to talk to strangers on phone or take interview phone calls like this. (Vodafone don’t take it offensive way)

Scene 4: I had to do my project. I tried calling one of the famous architects in the city on to his landlines number. But he was always busy and didn’t want to encourage students calling him directly. So, I sent him a forward message, a humor one asking,” who the small devil is??” something like that. I got a prompt call from him. I used the chance to talk to m him about my project and was accepted as smart as I could get hold of him. And make him call me.

That was just a foretaste of what we used to do with just mobile.

Mobile with camera:

Indeed that was great if we possessed a mobile with camera.

Scene 5: where ever we go, we used take pictures. They had this feature of adding certain elements to photos. We used use them too. Then, we had to get it home, transfer it to computer then mail it friends. We used capture all sort of moments. Uglier the action, it was better for teasing. Someone digging the nose, someone copying in exam, everything was recorded.

Then came MMS, Bluetooth, MP3 players etc

Scene 6:This added on fun. Sending across the photos or messages was easy. We didn’t have to transfer data to computers.

Unfortunately before the Smartphone’s came, my college ended. Still that didn’t stop me from having fun or getting connected to friends, as I had Internet in Phone.

Scene 7: all meeting were planned on group chat, we browsed for locations to meet, used GPRS to reach the new place. We took so many pictures, shared it across on facebook. Comments pop-in in lighting seconds and fun got unlimited.

Back to office:

Scene 8: I used to say I am using work from home option, be connected on phone through Gmail, which actually shows my boss that I am online, in front of system working, while I would roam out with friends and just look at the essentials when required.

At home:

When I delivered the baby, my in-laws were abroad, so I just had to click the picture and show them the baby. It was just so nice to get live updates than anything else. I watched the full world cup finals on phone just before getting into labour.

Talking about what would come next?

Scene 10: I would be construction site, where I can ask people at office to send me the dwg, without wasting time on printing and saving paper, I would review it. vise versa, my construction engineer would take picture of the progress and show me the problem in picture format, as I would not need to travel and give the solution.

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Elena and Kyra.

I( Elena) with my friends planned a trip to Fisherman’s Cove, a Taj group of resort located in kovalm , on ECR . I was certainly not interested in going in hot sun, as I am little complexion conscious. But, I couldn’t say no to friends, beach or volley ball. Yes, my dad is a player; I did inherit his good playing skills.

We started early in the morning to evade traveling in hot sun. We took our bikes; I made sure that I wear a scarf on my head, gloves for my hands, a full dress. I mean completely covered from head to toe. I was shocked to see my parents too in same attire.

We headed towards our destiny. I was happy seeing sea in front of me. That too so clean. Yes, city beaches are not so sparkling. I felt like jumping inside the water, but I couldn’t pull myself to do. Getting inside water meant, wearing a swimming outfit. I couldn’t afford to show my suntanned skin and delineation on neck, hands and legs are so much that, my skin looks in two shades. It looks as though I have attached a fairer skin of someone else underneath.

Just then, my eyes struck on the swimming instructor, Ms.Kyra. I notice her. It was like looking at mirror, a darker one, rather a polycarbon film struck mirror.  Indeed my friends started teasing her to be my Robot. I touched her to feel for myself if she was truly a human, with such an unblemished skin, super fine effect that gave a matte yet glowing finish.

I immediately called up my parents saying that I met my Xerox in the resort. They were shocked and they started immediately to meet us on beach.

Mean while, I was so excited to be with Kyra. She asked my name, I said Elena. She was surprised that both of us had Greek names. We went together for a ride on my bike. We shopped few nice outfits for ourselves, same ones. We wanted to mystify others. But we couldn’t succeed because of our complexion divergence.

shy me and confident her

She said, nobody can beat her in volley ball. So we had a bet and we started playing. I was so conscious of wearing bikini. But, she took off so carefree. I was getting envious inside. For first time I lost the match. The reason was my consciousness of skin and getting tanned. I felt appalling. I just left the place.

drink we enjoyed in hot summer together.

Kyra came behind me with a drink and her handbag. She softened her voice and started asking me what happened? I just shouted back at her. She understood my annoyance. She tried to console me. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I said, I never felt so mediocre till now in my life. But looking at her is making me lose my confidence. It is all because, we took so many pictures together and shared it immediately on Facebook. The comment I got was little disappointing. People said, I am standing next to wax doll, which is fairer in complexion and had more life than me.

Soon, my parents to reached our place. They went and hugged her, gave her all complements for her look. I felt that I should have never met this Kyra. Then, dad announced that she is the daughter whom he lost 20 years ago. I was dumbstruck.  Kyra came to me and told me that, she knew it the moment she saw me. Our maid had stolen her, but told her the truth recently. She had come to resort to meet me and cheer me up and make up for all the missed childhood.

career we made

I immediately asked my mother, why is that, even if we were identical twin, Kyra looked better than me?  Kyra said, it’s nothing but simple secret. She handed me her handbag. I opened it and found, Lakme’ sun expert.  I used it for few days.

Two weeks later, both of took my bike, and went to the same destination. Now, everybody’s eyes were just on us. I was more confident to wear my Bikini this time. People came asking about our twin tales. We started confusing my friends. We played beach volley ball all the time, went for surfing and turtle search.  We had so much fun. It was more because I found my sister back. Kyra became my strength. We had lots of drinks, tender coconut, juices and what not. There was nobody to stop us from enjoying. Not even the sun, dared to stop us.  Now people call us the Greek queens.  Now the facebook comments were revised. People called us the angles of sun/ sun darers.

happy Greek queens.

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