The most beautiful thing

Mine was an arranged marriage. I just married him after breaking up with my love. I was too reluctant to get into the relationship. It is not like I was enforced into the marriage, but it just happened. The days went by, I started looking at him, staying and interacting. Days became months and months became years. We dint sense anything neither unusual nor exceptional. Until one day, when he had to leave me single-handedly. He had to go on an official trip, out of town.

I came back home from work. I didn’t find flowers on the counter. The lights were not switched on. I didn’t find the menu for the day written on the scribble board on kitchen door. All the doors seemed to be blocked and it was all murky. I felt very disquieting. I sat alone. I didn’t cook, nor take bath. I didn’t even switch on the TV.  The bareness and silence killed me. That is when I realized that I was missing him. I couldn’t be in the house without him. The invisible thread, LOVE was the one which bonded us.

How foolish was I, searching for a guy who would take on bike for ride, pubs, and disco’s. Hug me on roads and just romance everywhere.  Love was something which didn’t need a loud action, but a tender touch to miss the presence of someone. That is when I fell in love with my husband. No no no.. I was already in love with him, but took the moment chance to realize it. I waited all night for him to open the door.  I just hugged and cried after seeing him. he didn’t understand what happened? .

Love is such a beautiful thing; you know its presence in its absence.

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