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Family: Life Partner

Today happens to be my second anniversary, due to some official work, I am away from my husband. Certainly it’s painful. But when I look back now, I can recollect so many best moments we spent together.  We as in me, him, in-laws and baby.

I was not getting married to him alone, but I was getting married to his family. I was going to live in joint family came in as shock for me. I married a middle son, not first one nor the last one. As expected, boy’s parents tend to stay with the elder son or the youngest. But , it was not in my case. Explanation being, I am a working women, staying in a new city, so had to have someone’s support. To put it in other words: family support.  

We were returning back from our honeymoon. My mother called up to say, I got a new job. Pay was attractive with so many other benefits. I wanted to join. We reached my in-laws place.

We were sitting on water tank, just counting the stars. I was all excited about my new job.

Me: finally I got my dream job.

He: didn’t respond.

Me: are you not happy? I will be earning more; we can buy lots of things.

He: but you will be away from me.

 That didn’t strike me at all. Yes, I was married to him, but with 3 days getting so much of bonding was difficult for me. He was already feeling bad for me. I saw tears in his eyes. I felt guilty. Am I spoiling somebody’s life? .  There was something else bothering me. Yes, I thought it’s a polite excuse to get rid of joint family business.

 We came downstairs. We were discussing about the new location with in-laws, co-sister, brother-in-law and his cousins. They were planning, who would escort me first time, and who all would join later.

 Me: I have lived so many years away from home, I can manage everything. I will find a working women hostel and join in mess. Come home on all weekends. i.e travel 900kms every weekend.

 Him: yes, I know you can, but it was before. I can’t let you go and face everything alone. I want to ensure that you eat proper food, stay in neat place and share your joy and sorry with me and our family. I want you to stay at home. You were alone all these years. I want you to get all the love you missed all these years.

 That touched me. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I had the complete family shifting with me to the new city to take care of me. We are here, expect my husband and spent almost two years. No complaints, no regrets. I come to work, I don’t think of my baby’s activities. I know, she is been taken care of.  All this confidence is built up my family.

 That one line what my husband told changed my outlook on joint family. I am happy with so many people living with me and no complaints.

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7 thoughts on “Family: Life Partner

  1. Happy Anniversary !!!! I believe wish safe never belated 🙂 And it’s so nice to know more about you and your family.What a doting husband and loving family you got there ! And them shifting along with and for you…really remarkable 🙂 God bless you and your lovely family !!!

  2. A very touching narrative. Getting such support and love is indeed a blessing. I am sure you cherish it. Happy anniversary and all the best for the contest! 😀

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