Book review- The Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple’s Soul.

The book is a part “Chicken Soup for Soul” series which shares real stories of real people bringing hope, courage, inspiration and love to hundreds of millions of people around the world.


Main Authors: Rajyashree Dutt,Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen,

Publication: Westland Publications.

Price: 295.00 INR.

Personal verdict: Good read

“Love. It makes the world go around.  Does it?  Really? Sometimes, as we grow older and look around us at what is happening in this world, we wonder. And we get cynical. I was no exception”

 The book is a compilation of 101 short stories by 71 contributors, written by couples about their genuine life experiences. This book goes through all the aspects and challenges of being in relation, love and family. It shares the experiences of people in love and to stand before a situation in love and emerge out as stronger human than before. It covers all the aspects of life.  A lot of people can relate to their real lives by this series of books. The essence of the each section is elaborated as one liner.

“Nobody is perfect, but in love people can be perfect for each other.”

 “The person sitting next to me was the husband I dreamt off.”: Made in heaven (19)

 It comprises of 19 well illustrated short stories and experiences. The book has depicted the Indian arranged marriages turning into love marriage, where, a duo finds love for each other in years and treasures each other’s presences. They realize that their partner is the one whom they had dreamt about all their life.

“All I knew was that I had the will to go through every pain, every embarrassment, overcome every fear, undergo every test. I could give the man, my husband, who so unconditionally loves me.”: The family (8), On love and support (13), A matter of perspective (9), In sickness and in health (11), Overcoming obstacles (12)

 All four sections were in resonance to each other. The author illustrates about the pain and sufferings, in form of childbirth, abortion, incurable disease etc. However, the support offered by the better halves was momentous, with all the ups and downs of life. They knew little about their partners then, and were like an open book now, till the situation demanded. The helping hand from their partners came in as an astonish which was not expected earlier.

 “A while back, all I wanted was to talk to him, ask him how he felt and soothe him, but all my questions melted away when I realized that my presence was enough for him.”:Coping with death (11)

It is where a death of a person brings the existing ones close or a new one in life.  At times, due to grief we tend to over look on things and miss on loved one’s. In fact, unsaid words and gestures like hugging and silence existence of partner soothes you.

 “I fell in love with the man who respected my choices and I am still in love with him”.:The fire never dies (18)

This section illustrates about the love which is carried by the aged ones with the same energy as youngster’s posses and as the basic understanding still proceeds. Also, where a section of people break up and meet after few years and realize the pressure of absence and find love together again. The underlying principle is maturity, helps to show that life can be whatever it want to be, and that other people have it worse off than you!

The editor has made sure that stories strike a balance between different eras. Few stories depict the olden times where women are expected to cook, do household core and not allowed to go out or express their views, some stories illustrated about modern times, where people think of live-in relationship and e-mail love, some were a typical bollywood film types with struggle, cry , melodrama and happy ending, whereas the moral issues were well addressed which is faced on daily basis.

What I love about the Chicken Soup for the Soul books are that you can pick it up and read a few quick stories and then set it down. It bring them with me when I am waiting at bus stop or while traveling. Language is simple and expressive. Easy to read, catchy and you get tuned to the book.  Even a non-bookie person can read it. Most of the stories are inspiring and expresses life-changing experience.

The stories become very similar; it’s just basically a hundred different variations of the same book. The book is kind of biased, as it is mainly written by women, so you get a perspective from one gender. It more or less has our own everyday life’s experience written with a positive outlook.  Somehow, it felt that the essence is there only when you read the book, after a day if you recollect, you don’t get the feel of it.  If you are a person who get motivated by books and follow it in life, then yes it is the book for you.

I am going with 2.5/5 for this book,” The Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple’s Soul”.  I would recommend this book to anybody who has read any of the other Chicken Soup books, or if you enjoy reading books written on love and inspiration.

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