Struck with her..


I don’t know if it happens to all? To me if I concentrate or like something, I am with it always. I breathe that particular thing. Let it be finishing a drawing for a building or reading a book or eating mangoes. People get bored after sometime, but I take a little longer time to come out of it.

Recently I realized that, I have developed a craze for eating papaya and parathas. I can’t stop myself from eating it, if I see it.  It’s not eating but also talking about it. now the addiction is on my baby girl. Everybody I meet in the office, I don’t remember whether I greet them or not, but I tell my Barbie tales. I start my day with her updates, what she did yesterday. May be people will get bored of it, but I can’t stop it. At times, I get confused and tell the same story to a person twice.

Today morning, I called my dad from office and told him that Barbie ate raw beetroot yesterday and looked like hanuman with all red colour around her mouth. Then, I called my husband and told him the same. By then few people around me already heard it. One by one my other colleagues started entering the room. What I did I do?? Again the same story. My friend came to my seat; I didn’t notice him sitting behind during the phone conversation. When I just started, he himself completed the story. I felt little embarrassed. I just blushed because of stupidity.

My Barbie’s antics are great records for me. Not for others right.

I was just wondering if it happens to all. Is it only me so hyper and talking about Barbie. She has become my world and I don’t think I can come out of it at any point of time.


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