ImageI am behind my husband asking him to invest money in gold or some saving account. “We were two a year back, now we need to take care of our baby na “, is my slogan every day. There are nice gold saving schemes launched in market, I want to join one and buy gold for me in name of my daughter. At least in the name of tax saving, I want to put a lump sum amount in my PPF account.

Yesterday, my husband was feeling bored. He is in Chennai. I asked him to go for a movie instead of sitting at home. He is very lazy. He said,” see, if I go for a movie, I have spend money for ticket. Then, during the interval I have to re-fill myself. I have spend for auto fare and if ask someone to accompany me, I need to sponsor them. So, its better I stay at home. I nearly save 700-1000 rupees.”. wow, what a way to save money na..

End conclusion: incase, u pester your husband for gold or saving schemes, this would be the get back. Men find out different ways to save money. If it had been a tender to buy a car or bike, reply would be really different.


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