I know it’s too late, but still I have to write about my labour story, if I don’t write it before my daughter turns , I will never do it or forget it

I was just waiting for my due date which is 5days away. My neighbors were saying that the baby may come any time now, as my tummy has descended really down and it is all good sign showing up. So to ensure safety of me and baby, my mom gave some home remedy. A root juice without knowing the consequences. I started getting backache. Around 10 pm, I had some bloody discharge. Luckily my husband was with me. Then we discussed if it is real pain or false labour like what I had last time.

Mom called her friend and asked her to accompany us and book a car. I could feel the tension in my husband’s face. Mom was hurriedly packing all the scattered things around. Dad was making few last minute calls. Sister was trying to help me out in most irritating manner. Still mom had to finish her dinner. She refused to eat. Mom and dad had their argument as in, who has to accompany, and who would stay home. Finally dad had to stay home with sister as he just underwent angio-blast and we didn’t want him to take any kind of tensions.

It was 11.00 pm by then and no signs of the driver coming. Meanwhile my neighbours had come. They gave me few neem leaves to carry with me, put some kumkum on my head, blessed me. I was in pain. Only my neighbor’s son could see it. He brought water from 2nd floor. I really appreciate his presence of mind and thank him.

Driver came after 30 minutes and we started from my place to pick mom’s friend from her house. We reached hospital by 12.00. Driver took me in shortest road but really bad road with all pot holes. That aggravated my pain and I shouted at the driver. My mom asked me to shut my mouth and asked me not to think about my pain. After reaching ,my husband went running behind the doctor and admin guy for my admission and insurance application forms.

Then I went inside the labour room. The doctor examined me and said I was into labour and I started dilating. Nurse took blood samples for tests. I was asked to change to hospital dress, and then shaved and enema was given. I was lying on the bed for more than 10 hours with mild contractions and bleeding after constant internal examination. I couldn’t wait any longer. I kept on asking doctor when it all will be over.

Nurse started giving me an IV. Pain started worsening. I couldn’t take it. I started screaming. I scolded the nurse, my husband for the cause. I even cried that I don’t need a daughter as she might undergo all this ritual. I cried for a pain-killer, but doctor wouldn’t give.

At 4.00pm Doctor went outside to my people that chances of c-section are 50-50%. I was shifted to pre-labour room. The doctor breaks my water and out that it’s brown in colour. Meconium it’s called. It is baby’s first stools. There was a high chance that baby has eaten it also. So pediatrician was also called. Doctor inserts a pipe into me take out all contents from my bladder. It hurts a lot. After that what I remember was only pushing and pushing. Doctor asked me not exert too much and push only at the time of contraction as it might put strain on baby. Finally, baby’s head was visible. I was asked to move to next room, the actual labour room. Before they could bring a wheel chair and take me in, I ran to bed. I was all excited and literally ran, as I thought baby might fall down any time. Finally the baby was out at 6.47pm. Doctor still didn’t tell me the gender. I was all exhausted. I wanted to get up and run to see the baby, but doctor still insisted me to push. I was furious and asked her now what. She said still placenta is there inside. Again few more pushes and doctors pressing my stomach, and stitches were being put. It felt like too many stitches, I didn’t dare to ask her how many.

A nurse came with my baby. I was all confused. I was in tears. I couldn’t see baby much as my tears were blurring my eyes. They showed me the baby. Due to clitoris projection, I asked if the baby was boy. Doctor started laughing. She told, “Don’t tell me, you don’t know to distinguish between the gender after all this”. I started blushing and called my baby by her name Advika. Yes, on my labour table I had finalized her name. My husband doesn’t know it till date. J.

Baby was examined and nurse had taken her out of the labour room for the rest of the family members to see. People were surprised as everybody thought it would be a boy baby. My mother was the only one disappointed. Rest of the family was ready to welcome the little angel.

I was asked to stay in post-labour room for that night. But I insisted in going back to room. I was taken in wheel chair. I was in hospital for next five days. In-between read for the NICU episode here. All night I kept on looking at her, dint sleep. I can’t express how happy I and my husband are to have such a beautiful daughter.

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