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We miss you Ms.S

I was going to get married in a month. For me  at that time, guru was Ms. S. rather Mrs.S. she had just got married. We were like sharing notes with each other.

She had not come for lunch that day. I had to tell her something about my wedding shopping. I used to hate sitting in one place for a longer time. So, I decided go to 4rth floor and meet her. I saw her lying down on her desk. She was kind of pale. I asked her what happened?. She didn’t respond much. Her boss, Mr.R asked to me take her for a walk. But she refused to come with me. I just thought it was work pressure and left her at that.

After few minutes, she had come to my place , to 2nd floor. She had asked to punch her ID card. She was in a hurry. We manage to do this once in a while. I had taken her card. It was Friday evening. She generally comes on Saturdays too. I asked her , if needed the card next day. She asked me to keep my drawer open, so she can collect her card.

She left my place. I keep on looking her. that was the very last time I saw her.

About Ms.S.

Fair, little plump (cubby) , an M.tec graduate from IIT. She was working for a private company in Bangalore. Both her parents were working in IT firm in Hyderabad. Her only brother was an IIM graduate working for an MNC. She was a straight forward, hardworking girl. She had too many admirers in office. She used to get high rating in office.

Work profile:

Being in a construction field , site visits and late hour working was common. She was put up in a real-time project.  She worked under Mr.R. Mr. R was good-looking, hardworking guy. Anybody would develop a liking for him. For that matter, even I had crush on him.

We friends:

We, 5 girls formed a team in office. Team: not for work, but for lunch. Two of them were married namely Mrs.C  and Mrs.P .  Mrs.P had a son. Rest Me, Ms.S and Ms.B were in the “to get married” list. Age difference between us was not more than few years.  As part of teasing all un-married girls were linked up with a guy in office. So Ms.S was teased with her boss Mr.R.  I was teased with all 50 + uncles of the office. We had lunch at 12.30 sharp. We used to enjoy the time to fullest. We at times had lunch outside and go for leisure walks.

Engagement and Wedding:

Ms.S was little perfectionist and choosy. She saw more than 60 guys and chose one. He was a software engineer from MNC in Bangalore. It was obvious that she would not relocate after wedding. She told us about the engagement just a week before in girls night out in one of our friends house. Just after few weeks I too got engaged to my husband. So, we used to shop together and discuss about Do’s and Dont’s of marriage. Ms. B was kind of left out in this process.

We girls planned and went for Ms.S wedding in Hyderabad. It was a grand wedding. We were taken care of very well.

She had gone to Singapore for her honeymoon. She had returned with lots of gifts for her.

Sudden shock:


Sunday morning I got a call from her X-roommate. She said, Ms. S is no more. I just thought that there is accident and I lost my friend. But what didn’t settle in me was she committing suicide .I didn’t cry. I didn’t get any tears. I was angry on her gesture. I was just wondering what could be the reason.

Possible reason:

From Mr.R: Ms.S’s husband had called me up last night. He was asking me all nonsense questions. He asked if I had slept with her during the last site visit. I got so bugged. I wanted to kill the fellow. I pleaded him to give phone to Ms.S, but that fellow didn’t give. I told him that I would comet o his place and talk to him further. But he didn’t agree.

From Ms.SS: Ms.S was in love with a Muslim guy in college. They used to go to farm-house together and spend time. I think Ms.S’s husband had tortured her as she was not a virgin. And threaten to tell her parents and demand more dowry.

From Ms.S as told by Mr.R: when they were in their honeymoon trip to Singapore, her husband had managed to give money to local e-mail crackers and read all mail. Only then he had got to know about her past.

From Ms.S’s husband’s friends: Ms.S’s husband tried to commit suicide. He had taken sleeping pills. Then he was discharged. For a change of atmosphere, he was sent to his friend’s house. he and Ms.S had a fight in a locked room. He came out angrily and walked out of the house. All the friends went behind to console him. That time ms.S had locked herself up and hanged using bedspreads.

Just can’t understand what all this is?. It is just bits and piece of information. But I just lost a good friend of mine.i still blame Ms.S for being so coward. She could have faced the world. I miss you.



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3 thoughts on “We miss you Ms.S

  1. Followed ur comment thread here and Ashreya, my condolensces!
    While I pity Ms.S’s plight, I even feel that she could have given a second thought! That life was more precious than a man’s suspiscion, whose past God knows how was it!
    Though it might be just the dejection of the moment that might have led her into taking the extreme step, the loss is irreplaceable!! RIP, Ms. S!

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