Thrilling, terrifying experience.

It was 7 in the evening. I had just returned from office. I had my dinner and was in the utility washing my plate. Just then I heard a scream from my neighbors’ house. First it was a hitting noise followed by a scream. What I heard was a lady shouting, “Don’t torture me”. I thought it was my watchman’s daughter. She keeps crying that way when she gets beating from her parents. It continued for a while. Then my neighbors decided to go and see. Meanwhile we heard a voice shouting,” thief, thief”.

All of use rushed to the house. Ms.S is a brave woman. With her night she jumped the wall and also asked watchman of the neighboring apartment and her husband to accompany. She entered the house and saw Ms.N lying on her bed in a pool of blood. Ms.S didn’t know if Ms.N was dead or alive. She came out of the house running asking people to call for police and ambulance. We people from the opposite apartment saw the thief running upstairs to the terrace. We shouted from our balconies calling for people’s attention. Ms. S husband on watchman went on the terrace searching. But they didn’t find anyone there. Meanwhile of them got a doubt and pulled a bush and found him hiding there. The real action sequence started. People started hitting the thief. One of them got a rope and tied his hands and legs.

Inside the house, the lady got consciousness. But she was hurt so badly that she needed someone’s help for using the toilet. Ms. S gave her water to drink and asked her what happened. Still there was no sign of ambulance and police. After an hour police arrived. The accused was arrested and Ms.N was taken to hospital.


What happened?

 Ms. S version: I heard noise. I went inside the house and found her in a pool of blood. Got scared that she was dead and it might become a police case. In spite of all my fear, I wanted to help her and saved her. All the jewels on her are intact, so it’s not a burglary case.

 Ms.N’s version: I heard a noise in kitchen. I went to check what it was. I saw a man with knife. He hit me with a stone on my head. I fell down. He dragged me to the bedroom. He closed the window. I pleaded him to leave me. I asked him take away my gold in case he had come to steal. But he didn’t listen and started hitting me again and again.

Accused version as told to Police: I was inside their house by 5 pm. I waited for her to come to kitchen. But she dint come. So I threw few vessels on floor. She came inside and I attacked her. I was sent by Mr.X to get few documents from her and threaten her. There were two other people who accompanied me.

 Watchman’ version( who accompanied the police while investigating the house). : We found the accused chappals outside kitchen door. It looks like the lady was raped by the accused and then taken inside the bedroom where he tried to kill her by knife. But he missed the target and knife had got struck on the bed. The lady’s phone was found switched off and her phonebook missing.

 ImageWhatever might be the reason, the lady is safe and the accused is arrested. I had never witnessed any crime scene before in my life. I hope this is my first and last. Thought it’s over, the fear is still there in me.

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