womens day special. i am back.

finally i am back.. back to blogging, back to work, back to vizag. Now i can be more systematic, and have everything going in time.

Today is my first day in office. I started little early keeping in mind the heavy traffic. In spite of precautions i was late. things have changed a little in office. New people have joined. old once welcomed me with a smile. drastic change was to see my place taken by someone else. I was in my office and i didn’t have a place to sit. finally few arrangements were made, and i got a new seat and my system back.

leaving back office,
Best part is that, i am not thinking much of my baby. i dont really know if its a good sign or bad sign. I am so engrossed with changes and things to be followed up, that i forgot about her. once in a while i think about her and want to call home and ask about her whereabouts. but feeling little awkward to call too many times as it might make my in-laws insecure. they might think that i am worried in spite of they taking good care of her. i want to ask if she ate her food, but cant question mother-in-law if she fed my daughter properly. how do i ask my baby if she is taken care of properly or not?

anyways first day gone. let me see how things move on from now.

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