b’day special

yesterday was like a flash back time in life. I just can’t express how happy I was. How does it feel, when you meet almost all your school friends on your birthday?. All the childhood events come like a flash in your memory.

I was luck as one of my friends got married yesterday and all my friends who are in india made it for the wedding. Best part was everyone remembered it’s my b’day.

Where ever I went, school or college , I always had another person celebrating their b’day with me. It was Ms.D at school and ,Ms. N at college.

At home, my darling hubby bought black forest cake. As I was lazy and feeling sleepy at night, it was decided the cake will be cut in morning. How funny it is? I went open the door when my husband came back from office and he handed me the cake cover. because of this ulcer problem, i didn’t even taste the cake. So there was no surprise. But ya he got me a gold mango shaped pendant, studded with kemp stone. So, I spared him.

Thanks to Ms.R, who decided on have her wedding reception on my b’day. Made it my day after so many years.


2 thoughts on “b’day special

  1. Happy B'day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May this year bring in Good health and lots of love….:)
    The cake looks yummy…:) Gold…wow need to spare your hubby right..:)

    Take care

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