grow up bachu

i tried to keep pillows around my daughter, so that she doesnt crawl, but she started siting. i tried to put her in walker, so that i can do my work peacefully, but she is moving all around the house and pulling everything in her reach..
my mom says,” grow up bachu.. only then you can take care of her. think ahead of her”.
is it possible to think ahead of 6 months old daughter? she is so unpredictable!!!!. she keeps me on my toes every minute.

4 thoughts on “grow up bachu

  1. omg it sounds a whole different world to me…I'm soon becoming a father myself, and I hope I'm at least mentally prepared for what's coming!

  2. Hey! Good to see you back here. hope you are feeling fine now.

    And no-you cant get better than them at any time 🙂 They will always be ready with something else to counter your 'thinking' and thats the fun of it all!!

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