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Avalaki upittu

Reading RS blog reminds me of my Bangalore days.

I am missing avalaki upittu (poha). I was lucky to work in an office which was in heart of the city. It was surrounded by good eatery places. I became a food freak after going there. It used to be like ,breakfast at juice junction, lunch at nandhini , evening snacks at chocolate house or natural ice-cream parlor and dinner at casapicola or garuda mall food court.


What a wonderful life I had. Get up at 8.30 in the morning. Reach office before 9.30 as I had to punch in. it’s not the I get up late, it’s all because of the climate and bathroom timings in the PG( paying guest house). I used to hate the food at PG. so; I always ate outside and still managed without putting on weight. All most all weekdays I spent in office and reading books in evening. Yes, I found a library nearby, paid some 1000rs as advance caution deposit and never collected back as I never returned the last book, which I have not read till now. J. Yes, it’s great me, who can do such things also. Night time I was forced to see few tv serials . Oh my god, I don’t remember those names of serials now.

At times, we take time and go for shopping during lunch hours during some sale. We are smart, we do take our boss with us, so we don’t get scolding’s if we are late.


Weekends were fun. I used to go for movies. Weekend starts by Friday evening itself. We check out all theaters and movies. Friday used to be movie nights. I come home late and get scolding. If we don’t get movie tickets, we end up eating in pizza hut or KFC in brigade road. Its not that we go for watching movies, its just that we can be without eating those lovely pop corn.


Saturday would be window shopping in Garuda mall. Garuda mall is a nice place where you can check out on brands. Shopper stop, soch, west side and fab india were my favorite places. I almost bought kurta each month for at least a year in fab India. I was a freak then. Actually if allowed I would buy now also. Once I had to pay for my window shopping. My super enthusiastic friend Ms .B went on seeing saree’s at soch. She made the fellow show almost all the saree ’s in shelf. He didn’t allow us without buying them. And I was forced to buy one. Here is the saree. That was I first time I spent so much on a saree. I spent a four digit amount for stitching the blouse.

In between I joined art class. I attended few classes and bunked them as I didn’t have company.


it’s a bindas carefree day. I used to get up really late. Then take leisure bath. At times we call the beautician to house. Then, half a day goes in waiting for my turn for waxing or haircut. Later in the evening we( pg mates) go to big bazaar to find out what’s new in market , eat or drink the samples of the new product like maggie pasta or horlicks new flavor there.

I really enjoyed my pre-wedding days. That I too I was in a happening city. Office treat, team lunch ,Shopping, attending exhibitions or expo’s , museums, parks and what not. In fact we also had girls night outs.

Wait for another post on girls night out.. J

note: i forgot to write about capsicum bajji at gandhi bazzar and pani puri at commercial street.



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3 thoughts on “Avalaki upittu

  1. @ gayu: i miss those days a lot.. independent and jolly 🙂

    @ Rs: ya ya me thin only.. i know i am extra conscious to wear the blouse again.. :). and those blouse dont fit me now.. 🙂

  2. That picture?! OMG! You are so thin and the saree suits you well… 🙂

    until now I've also spent a 4digit for 1 blouse that I've worn only once until now! Got carried away I must say…

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