happy b’day blog-Congratulations

today is my blog’s b’day.. its 4 years old now..:)

Here is the result for the contest,” what blogging means to me”. Thank you for your efforts in writing the post and submitting. There were three entries, not bad na.. its better than not having any entry. I liked all the three post.




So, the winner is .. RS. And surprise for you.. there is a prize. You win 2 tickets for a movie in inox.. congrats dear..

Also read my post on “what blogging means to me”.

Note: Please RS do tell me the nearest inox for you and the date when you are free with movie you want to watch. Will mail you the tickets.


11 thoughts on “happy b’day blog-Congratulations

  1. How do I contact you then? 🙂 Would love to do another post saying I won AND add the Logo to it – knowing the creative you – I know that Logo will be awesome and colourful!

    And dumb me – I forgot to wish only! – Happy Bday to Ashreya Blog! 😀

  2. OMG OMG OMG!!! I DONT belive this! hehehehehehehehehe! I WON! IM SO HAPPY!

    Thank You! Thank You! And 2 tickets to a movie in Inox – wow! Thats so sweet of you!

    And hey – do tell who voted for me?! Just curious…

    Will definitely get back to you on that – AND will I also get that Logo and Title? Im so greedy na?

    This is the first time I won something here (so what if its just 1 of 3!!) *goes away still gushing*…

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