I hate when this happens.

Now a days, bunty doesn’t sleep in the night. I thought things have changed from last month. But again we are back awake all night. She doesn’t cry. She shouts a lot. I need to be next to her talking all the time to avoid neighbors from waking.

People who visit us, keep asking when I am going back?. Arey, when I or my parents are not bothered of me staying here, what is their problem. They are also bothered about my leave and my promotion, when my boss is ready to give me extra leave of 3 months.

My close friends are gifting my daughter different, stylish dresses. But it doesn’t fit my daughter. What to do with them??

I think of lots of topic to write on blog, but there is no time. If at all I am free, my sister occupies the system or I don’t have mood to write.

When I cook something for first time, that a small quantity, the dish comes out really nice. When I try to repeat it, when my husband is at home, it always flops.

Whenever I decide to buy gold bangle for my daughter, the price hikes a lot. So, I return back without buying. Buy the time it reduces, I would have spent all money.


5 thoughts on “I hate when this happens.

  1. thanks Tharani.. people around us always fault pickers, hugs back to you..

    Rs:yes, i expect too much out of the dish and spoil it..:). yup, i hope this phase ends soon.. i might be trouble if it continues when i am back in work. 🙂

  2. I can totally understand the troubles you are facing with Bunty,for I too am in the same boat 🙂

    Don't worry about what other people say, enjoy this beautiful period with Bunty to the fullest 😀

    keep cooking and soon all you'll cook will be perfect 🙂

  3. Hey! Kids go through this cycle of sleep. Dont worry it will slowly settle down.

    And why bother about what anyone else tells you?

    Oh And when I put too much of concentration on some dish it always invariably gets spoilt 😦 So just do it casually and see ;-p

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