What blogging means to me?

There is a stage in life where important things become insignificant and trivial things become vital. Yes, It happened in a period where I didn’t have much of work to do. So, blog came into my life.

Blog means

  • Time pass when you don’t have anything to do
  • A friend to who you share your feelings, happiness, sorry.A trusted person to who you share your views without getting into problem
  • A secret let-out to share your innermost thoughts without revealing your identification.
  • A platform to meet people with same mindset as you.
  • A new trend of making blog friends( something like pen friends)
  • A forum to get opinion from others on your doubts
  • A pleasure and light read in between your work. Even at work place, as you can toggle between windows.
  • Knowledge pool. You can pick what you want. Whether its recipe or politics or new gadget updates.
  • A source to know about updates on friend’s life.
  • A place to improve your writing skills.

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