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Blog links. I know you are confused on the title. What I meant was how you got to know about so many blogs. The link chain. So, here I am going to tell, how I met so many good and sweet people. And also give their blog names with small description on it.

  1. I totally forgot the first blog. I just remember the person. He used to post things on cricket and Sachin Tendulakar.
  2. I found through orkut: shanta. She writes lots of imaginary stories and poems. I love reading them. At times I use to look into dictionary after reading the blog to find out the meaning of the new words I learn.( No wonder she topped with 97 marks in English in CBSE 10th board exams. )I can feel the pain in her writings. My favorite poem is”the daughter of a whore”. I started crying after reading them.
  3. From Shanta it was Aishwarya. She is one of her followers. So, I clicked on it on found out her blog. She writes about her life and events. She does post nice part is that she is classmate and benchmate. Which I found out later.
  4. From melborne mangai– it was boosbabytalk. I kind of found it at write time. when I was 6 weeks pregnant. She writes about her two daughters. I enjoy every post relating to Ashu and antu. They are really cute. You will know how beautiful life is when you have two daughters. In fact I got know more about pregnancy ,reading her childbirth story. More about epidural and things. It’s like you read about a topic from blog and go and Google more about it later.
  5. From boosbabytalk, I found out my favorite R’s mom. This is when I realized the importance of mommy bloggers. You get to meet people who are managing their kids and jobs well. You can get tips and relate to lots of things. It has become a ritual to read her blog every day.she write about everything and anything, more about her beautiful daughter R. I just can’t say that this is my favorite post. Everything seems interesting there. Still I like the picture of R with the broom stick.( Harry potter style).
  6. From R’mom , I found out pepper. Pepper too writes about life. I like the fact that she is honest in her writings. Not everyone in this world would accept that they are lazy or just write their heartfelt true opinion. People kind of be diplomatic, subtle about true themselves. But she is brave girl/lady.
  7. Then I found out tharani, Sugar and spice, chatterbox recently. I am still reading their posts. It would take time to write about them.
  8. Hey just then I realized that I am reading blogs of women writers. Oh my god, I am not a feminist. I do read blog written by a man. ragesh writes about mathematics and life. He tries to merge both of them. He finds logic and calculations behind everything. The link is that he is my best friend.
  9. There is another cooking blog I read. It’s” quest for foodie”. There is no link here, as she put her new post a gtalk status message. Hence I get to read her new post. She is basically into cooking. She writes about her cooking experiments and recipes. She posts really lovely photographs of her work.

So, this is how, I found out all the blogs. I am sure to find more and more blogs through the above blogs.



I welcome you here! My blog is primarily a blank paper with chronicles of my everyday thoughts and happenings around me spilling like colours. It has various hues, bright, cheerful at times dark episodes of my life. I like to speak a lot and tell stories, but rarely find patient listeners. So, here I am venting out, everything crossing my mind. it is also a record book of my little Barbie’s antics and growth. It is just not about the baby ,but also helps me to keep track of fights and special moments with husband, in-laws and friends. I am an Architect by profession working for an Govt. away from husband because of job location. I love writing, painting, reading and cooking (occasionally).I like roaming around and window shopping. But, now unable to move even an inch outside, because of my daughter. I am originally from Andhrapradesh and have lived in Tamilnadu for 25 years and now back in Andhra. So you will find mix of words from both the languages and me trying to settle down in this new place. Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. Please email me at

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