How to get more readers to ur blog?

I am sure most of them would have done this or know this. But still, I am writing it for benefit of people who don’t know.

  • Basically you need to write good stuff. (don’t be angry for this point. Just at times it is essential to write key points also)
  • If you have lots of friends, do tell them about your blog.
  • Read others blog and comment on it. It will make them read your blog.
  • Become a follower of somebody; in turn ask them to become your follower.
  • Register in blog forums.
  • Write about current issue; make sure that you enable your blog for Google search option. So people find it.
  • If you have your blog in your name, which is unique. Then people can trace it from Google, if they search for you.
  • Put the blog URL on ORKUT,FACEBOOK etc etc, for more publicity
  • Ask your co-bloggers to write about you and give link of your post in their blogs.

Hope the tips were useful. In case you have more ideas, please do let me know.


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