Blog tips

According to me, following things would attract readers like me.. please note that this is my personal opinion. It’s not based on any study or survey. It is just a view.

  • Back ground has to be preferably plain and doesn’t merge with the blog text. At times background is more dominating
  • Text chosen has to be a nominal size, legible font. At times people use too many cursive fonts , that it’s difficult to read
  • Blog roll: incase there is a blog roll, make sure that the latest once are on top. So, you will get to know the active members immediately. As I feel, you will get latest opinion from them and encourage them to write more.
  • Pages: I think there is problem with adding pages. You cannot write more than one post in the second page. So, people who add more page have to give links of the post. But generally I see people using pages instead of labels.
  • Labels: I feel it’s an attractive and useful feature. You can pick read your favorite topics. So don’t forget to put labels for the post.
  • Search option: I think this feature is available in wordpress. This is also a nice feature helping people to locate a post which is their favorite
  • Post: there are two kinds of people. People who like short , crisp points. People who like long reads. So, I can’t comment on content or the length. So, just make sure that people come and read your blog again.
  • Comments: make sure that you reply for all the comments. It keeps the interest of people commenting. You should appreciate their effort. It’s just that they are not reading, but taking efforts to share their views.
  • Add few picture once in a while to make it more interesting.

In case you want more people to follow your blog, wait for the next post. J


4 thoughts on “Blog tips

  1. Ah! OK you know what – I need to seriously spend some time on these tips – especially add my blogroll! Hmmm… Thanks 🙂

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