Blog special

In another 14 days, its going to be my blogs birthday. It is when my dream of “ Ashreya” solidified. I was in pre-final year of my college. I dreamt of opening an office for myself in the name of ASHREYA. But when I realised that, it not going to come up, I thought I will name my baby ASHREYA. But some how, it didn’t happen. So just my blog name became ASHREYA. I some how have a special feeling towards this name and hence my blog.

My blog has become my second baby, friend, relative and everything. I share my feeling with it. I write my views on it. I exhibit my talent on it and what not.. I have made new friends through it. I have found the old once. What a lovely platform.

So, here I decided to write few post on blog itself. I saw few people conducting contest. I don’t know, if I have to make a contest. Please give your opinions..


6 thoughts on “Blog special

  1. Wow! Congratulations! Will wait and watch what special you will be doing… And definitely participate if there is a chance! 😀

  2. Tharani:i did want to name my daughter Ashreya. but in chennai, there is hospital for mentally challenged children in this name. so my husband was reluctant to name her ashreya. so we named her Advika.

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