Bikini as a gift.

It was a beautiful morning. I was lying on beach, hugging the warmth of the sand against the cold wind. He came to me with a glass of wine in his hand.

Me: is it for me darling?

Him: no dear…

Me: (looking perplexed at him)what?

Him: go and pick your own glass..

Me: you are so unromantic..

Him: yes, that is why I am here for my second honeymoon..

Me: right?

Him: (laughs aloud)yes ms.right.

I got angry, went to my room. I found a gift on my bed. It was a surprise gift by my husband. Just couldn’t control my excitement. My hands were trembling when I tried to open the cover. I dropped the gift down in the process. Was almost in tears thinking, that it’s a breakable thing. Thank god it was not. It was bikini. That too red colour.

I could hear the footsteps of him coming closer and closer. I turned back to see him.

Him: I know you would like it.

Me: yes, it’s beautiful

Him: I am eager to see you in it..

Me: now?

Him: yes, let go for a swim in the sea..

Me: (still looking at him shocked)ok..

He undressed me. I wore the bikini. We walk down till the waves hand in hand. The water touched me. I froze in the coldness. He hugged me hard.

Him: you look great in this..

Me (smile at him, and gave a shy look): really?.

Just then, I heard my baby scream. oh my god. It was all a dream. I laughed at myself for the stupid dream I had. Me wearing bikini with all the stretch marks?.. Stupid me. I was discussing about bay watch to my friend and had a weird dream..

See here for the dream 1 story.


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