Drama queen..

Once there lived a king in a beautiful palace. He had the bravest of brave prince. The price was in search of a princess.. ( my baby smiles).. And the little princess is you.. (Baby laughs loud).. The end of the story..

Yes, this is what I tell my princess when she cries..i tried this after reading “the dialouge’s” post.

Bunty is becoming smarter day by day. She needs people around her all the time. In case you sleep next to her and don’t talk to her, she keeps calling you. If any male comes near her, she will move to her side and call them to carry her. (Not bad, she knows people who would carry her). She will keep calling you till you respond to her and talk to her.

Poor bunty got her yet another dose of vaccination today. She got fever. Doctor had given calpol drops. We thought we will use it. Bunty was crying all while. Once we put 2 drops in her mouth, she closed her eyes and reminded quite. We thought she was tired and slept. After we turned aside, madam started playing with dress. Drama queen manages to avoid medicines..

Bunty keeps playing by herself. She talks to all moving objects like curtains, bed sheet ends. In fact she fights with them if she is not able to catch it. She won’t agree if we help her to catch it. She keeps playing until she sees a human being crossing her. She cries once see’s someone and wants them to carry her around. She needs attention all the time.


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