my blogbirth story..

Everybody will have their own story. so here is my story, how i started blogging. it was year 2006. i was doing my practical training in P organisation. For Architecture students, its a semester where they have to work under a organisation and gain practical experience. My boss came across a gentle man Dr.S, who introduced him the blog concept. Dr.S used to post about Sachin and Cricket. my boss, who was kind of old fashioned, also didn’t believe in Internet . But he never discouraged others from using though. he like the way I experimented with computers. so knowing me, he came and uttered a word blog to me and asked me to explain about it to him, i was given a PC with Internet connection to explore about. Then i started browsing about it and created a blog for my self. It was great feeling having my name as part of a URL. it was time when orkut was famous and everybody would display their blog name and advertise it. i used to tell all my Friends that you need to type people who didn’t know about blog used to give me a WOW.. I didn’t know what to write, so i landed up posting all my dreams as stories and poems in it..

hence came my blog..


2 thoughts on “my blogbirth story..

  1. @ dialoguewithyou: problem with me was acess to net connection.. so i just left it for few years during coll.. now i am back, sitting vetti at home, enjoying maternity leave.. hence back blogging..

  2. Every blog has an interesting birth story 🙂
    I started blogging in July 2007 on,the one problem that I never faced was what to write about. Maybe cause my head is full of ideas to write about 🙂

    Nomatter how or when we started but we are still blogging is what really matters 🙂

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