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my blogbirth story..

Everybody will have their own story. so here is my story, how i started blogging. it was year 2006. i was doing my practical training in P organisation. For Architecture students, its a semester where they have to work under a organisation and gain practical experience. My boss came across a gentle man Dr.S, who introduced him the blog concept. Dr.S used to post about Sachin and Cricket. my boss, who was kind of old fashioned, also didn’t believe in Internet . But he never discouraged others from using though. he like the way I experimented with computers. so knowing me, he came and uttered a word blog to me and asked me to explain about it to him, i was given a PC with Internet connection to explore about. Then i started browsing about it and created a blog for my self. It was great feeling having my name as part of a URL. it was time when orkut was famous and everybody would display their blog name and advertise it. i used to tell all my Friends that you need to type people who didn’t know about blog used to give me a WOW.. I didn’t know what to write, so i landed up posting all my dreams as stories and poems in it..

hence came my blog..



I welcome you here! My blog is primarily a blank paper with chronicles of my everyday thoughts and happenings around me spilling like colours. It has various hues, bright, cheerful at times dark episodes of my life. I like to speak a lot and tell stories, but rarely find patient listeners. So, here I am venting out, everything crossing my mind. it is also a record book of my little Barbie’s antics and growth. It is just not about the baby ,but also helps me to keep track of fights and special moments with husband, in-laws and friends. I am an Architect by profession working for an Govt. away from husband because of job location. I love writing, painting, reading and cooking (occasionally).I like roaming around and window shopping. But, now unable to move even an inch outside, because of my daughter. I am originally from Andhrapradesh and have lived in Tamilnadu for 25 years and now back in Andhra. So you will find mix of words from both the languages and me trying to settle down in this new place. Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. Please email me at

2 thoughts on “my blogbirth story..

  1. @ dialoguewithyou: problem with me was acess to net connection.. so i just left it for few years during coll.. now i am back, sitting vetti at home, enjoying maternity leave.. hence back blogging..

  2. Every blog has an interesting birth story 🙂
    I started blogging in July 2007 on,the one problem that I never faced was what to write about. Maybe cause my head is full of ideas to write about 🙂

    Nomatter how or when we started but we are still blogging is what really matters 🙂

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