Bag then…Bag now..

so here is post after reading R’mom post. i thought its a nice topic to write on..

bag then..

before i had my kid..

i used to carry fancy handbags to office. living in bangalore ,working in a office near commercial street gave me chance to be upto date in fashion. i had all patience to change things from one bag to other. the following are things i used to carry.

  • purse with ATM and Credit card
  • pendrive

    mobile charger
  • tissue papers
  • facewash
  • tooth picks
  • a pouch containing lipsticks ( 2 or 3 of same colour but different brand), kajal, eye liner, brown eye pencil, comb, 2 or 3 bindi packets.

i am sure you must be thinking i am a make up freak. but, it was the only time i experimented with cosmetics.

  • office locker keys
  • PG cupboard keys
  • mills ans boons.( as only that used to fit in my bag.)
  • a box contains dry amala, badam.
  • biscuit or wafers

yes i was a food freak. i have to keep munching something or the other. all my friends used to come and hunt my bag when they are hungry.

  • pen knife( just for safety)
  • another pouch containing pencils and sketch pen
  • small pocket diary with important phone number and details

bag now

i no more carry fancy handbags. i just carry laptop bag with me. it contains

  • purse with cards
  • mobile with no charge
  • tissues
  • diaper
  • cloth tissue
  • baby powder
  • few baby cloths
  • biscuit for me
  • stole to cover myself when i have to feed her
  • towel to carry her
  • few noise making toys
  • water bottle

so its no more me in my bag. its all her.. :).


5 thoughts on “Bag then…Bag now..

  1. hehe! How completely all priorities change once there is a little one who we know depends on us na? 🙂 looks like all Moms have simialr stuff in their purse…

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