happy friendship day..


6 thoughts on “happy friendship day..

  1. welcome her RS. its my pleasure to add you in blogroll.. these are not so good sketches.. my classmates in college draw 100 times better than me..

  2. Woooooo!!! you DID THAT?!! Its so cooolll! Man! You are an artist. Lovely!

    Happy Friendship day to you…

    Im ashamed to put up my amateur attempts here 😦

    and Hey! THANKS a ton! ou added me on your blogroll?! I feel like a celebrity!

  3. yes ..yes..yes.. i did them when i was 6months pregnant.. ppl around me wanted to do few good things so that baby will also learn like abhimanyu.. so i though let me do what i know, i.e painting. but i was not allowed to paint as they contain chemicals. hence i was doing only pencil sketches.

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