SCHOOLS….The learning environment,

Schools are the places where the children are “INCUBATED” before entering in to this highly competitive world and it’s where every student’s lifestyle gets carved out to become a responsible citizen and steps up higher and higher in life.


As the title says,” BACK TO THE BASICS”, the planning of school is done using the basic shapes with colourful planes which are highly expressive in nature like the users of the school, the children. From these basic shapes, masses are created and voids are carved out to enhance its form and function, in the process of designing spaces.
The composition of spaces provides the required spatial segregation between the administrative and the regular classroom areas. The building has a variety of spaces, which offer the students a buffer for different activities. The quality of light, the fluid spaces and the interplay of levels in heights provide an architectural character without compromising the spatial quality and creating barrier free environment.

As one steps into the school campus, the wide paved entrance leads in to the entrance court which reveals the inviting entrance formed by an intersection of colourful planes. Transitional spaces expand into the more defined activity spaces and become the lung spaces that help to capture light, views and the sky. They grow into the spaces of gathering and freely merge into the path of movement of the building, expanding the idea of the courtyard or verandah throughout the building. The points of reference keep changing as one looks at the building and the detailing have been made intentionally modern which forms an architectural character and no additional decoration is necessary. The raising Triangular voids are devised as wind catchers which are trimmed in well composed rhythm, and enable the gentle, but constant movement of fresh air in to the building. Thus the elements of architecture have been improvised refreshingly to react to the context.

A sensitive approach has been given to the modern vocabulary. So, the building reflects a craft, based on values enriched by a playful discipline in visualizing and relating form to function. And the form reflects the “LOFTY” ambitious and possibilities of the children, who will be incubate in this building.

Above all… it’s an attempt to create an environment for the children, where they can feel free to be children.

note: i am Architect by profession. i did this as part of my training.. but sad that this building never came up due to lots of politics..

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