how we met

i got inspired by pepper‘s post on “So where did you guys meet?” post. so here i am posting my story .

My mom forced me to see B’s photo when I was half asleep. I didn’t even realize that I was saying yes to see him. We met each other. ( oct 2nd, 2009). I was all dressed up. Ready for the show. My parents asked me to see him, I was really hesitant. When I saw, he too seemed to be all tensed, sweating. They left us alone to talk to each other. I started asking him stupid questions, and he seemed to have nothing to ask. I thought it was all over. But next day I realized that was not the end, but the beginning.

I sat crying in confusion. What is that happening to me? My parents had given me only a day to think and give my answer. But what do I decide? I had no clue about him. I was generally afraid of marriage. he became a nightmare to me.

I asked my parents to give him my phone number. (25th oct). Then he called me. But it was a very formal talk. he didn’t seem to be interested in talking at all. I realized he is not of my type. Didn’t know what to react?. My mom asked me how I judge people. I didnt have proper answer. Then I realized, that she was asking me to take time to understand.
We started talking. he looked all patient and sensitive. Of course a good listener, without which, my survival would have been difficult. Everyday there was something new to talk and discuss. Every day I realized how different we are from each other.
Within a week they arranged for our engagement. I was in Bangalore. I didn’t know what was happening. Neither did I see my engagement sari nor the ring.. It was almost like I am attending someone else engagement.;)

photos which we sent each other.

Part 2
Engagement was planned on 8th of nov 2009. It was a Sunday. So I didn’t even had to apply for leave. I managed to get a mehandi design, from Garuda mall platform stall. I got in to bus at 9.30 pm, hoping that I will have a known person as neighbor, as I am traveling with both the hands applied with mehandi. Even if the bus conductor asks me the ticket, I needed somebody’s help. Luckily I got my school junior next to my seat. I had told few of my friends in office about my engagement. People called it a bluff, as I had already told them this many a times. At least the girl next to me, Ms.T believed it. I kept on getting call from him, all night, but I couldn’t pick it up. Thought he might take revenge on this.

 Finally I reached k town. Dad was waiting there with all smiles on his face. By the time I reached home, most of my relatives were already there. They were teasing if I would land only for muhurtham during wedding. All these oldies, jealous of me being thin, kept worrying how I am going to manage and all non-sense..

Day had passed with everybody trying to talk to me and tease me. But I was eagerly waiting for his call. It was raining badly that day. I kept on messaging him that day. Hoping to get a reply, even told him that,” I like him” for very first time. In spite of all the efforts I didn’t get reply from. Felt so bad. I cried all night, thinking what kind of person I am going to marry.

Finally the day arrived. Everybody was worried because of rain. Didn’t know how the engagement was going to happen?. Finally i arrived at the venue. With all excitement i was running on the stairs. The video-grapher was requesting me to walk slow and asked me to pretend to be shy.. i went inside the room, which was allotted to me. I sat there on the bed. All of a sudden he came inside. I was shocked. Didn’t know how or what to react. he was completely cool about it. I was wondering is this the face i saw on oct 2nd? Or i am getting engaged to someone else?. Pity on me and bad memory.. ;P

His friends were trying to tease him.. Then we had the engagement ceremony. We exchanged our rings. I was hesitant to hold his hands, but he took it as a chance to hold me. Photographer was behind our lives for different poses and he took the maximum advantage of it, as he could hold me the way he wanted and never get slapped.. ;).

Part 3
Like any other wedding, ours too had so many intricacy and problems.. it was really difficult to overcome.. I don’t even want to think of those bad things now..

Reception had started little late, R ( B’s younger brother ) met with an accident and had fractured his hand. The evening went quite eventful. We received many gift, met each other’s friends.. His friends ( i.e G) tried to flirt with my friends.. ;). It went on with all teasing and comments. I was exhausted by end of the day. We didn’t even have time to eat proper food. I would kill that stupid photographer for not allowing me eat. He made me give stupid poses, which never came in album also. ;(…

Wedding: actually, nobody allowed me to sleep that night. They were talking about their wedding story. In fact, they even tried to arrange a education class for me that night.. ;).. How funny.. but yup, they got disappointed, as I didn’t give them a chance to explain anything( though was scared to hell about everything).

They woke us around 4.00 am. We had the Nalugu ceremony, followed by Pradanam and then the wedding. I was waiting for the moment. I could constantly feel him staring at me. It was making me feel little uncomfortable. He was officially sighting me.

 we were asked to smear a paste made from cumin seeds and jaggery on each other’s hands. This custom is referred to as Jeelakarra-Bellamu. This ceremony is observed to communicate that the relationship of the married couple is unbreakable and inseparable. Then I assumed there were more mantra’s to be read. By the time i realised, he tied Mangalasutram around me. My god, i felt that it was a crash course wedding. Without my knowledge I had bend my head during it.. ;P..We went seven rounds around the Agni. And he put Metti to my toe. It is supposed to remove the evil eyes. But the scientific reason is something else.. ;P

it was too tiring i must say. We had to wait for a long time to get back home. Little horrible. .the weight of the flower mala pulls you down. Though you are the centre of attraction, but nobody cares for you. No food, no water and you have to smile all the time.

Finally it was G, who gave us little entertainment. Though I cant reveal what it is.. ;). Then luckily we were sent home. Day still didnt end there.. Still so many formalities were left to follow.  Finally I could take breath only in Wyanad, where I had fun time…

Part 4
A little sad phase.. Life after wedding didn’t seem much great for me. We lived apart from each other. All the weekdays would go longing to see each other. Weekends went travelling for me. We still managed to be a couple. We planned a outing every month, when I stayed in Bangalore. It was so nice, no commitments, and only roaming around and trying to understand each other.

But life turned upside down, when I came to vizag. I have to take up so many responsibilities. I got a very little emotional support from him. I was going mad and crazy at peoples comment on me. Here people won’t respect you if you are staying alone. Thought had come to B2 city from a metro life. Life seems to be only running behind material things. All the fun which was there earlier has gone. No more talking romantically, it’s no more holding hands and walking. Now it all seems to be buying a property, saving and all in-law dramas.. At times I wonder, is it all life about?

Feel sad that, there is no more that anu, who wants to achieve something, to Tell the world that I exist. The dream ashreya has confined itself just to a blog. Is this what happens to every married girl. Just family becomes the world, and the dreams confine to kids and their achievements.. ;(.

Part 5
It’s been year since I got married to him. I know him for more than a year now. Wow, what an achievement. I always thought how difficult it must be to stay with a same partner without getting bored. May be that is the reason, I have a junior coming up in my life…

It’s been real fun, from the time I announced that I am pregnant. Who doesn’t like getting attention, and give a little more stress n work to hubby. I am enjoying the phase to the fullest.
In fact there are few secrets which have to be revealed. He actually makes the best chapatti in the world. He is bad at talking, flirting and convincing people. He really doesn’t know to hurt others (except me, which he does most of times).he is never around me, when I really need him. He does know to shop for himself. He can never express himself. He likes cooking and setting everything ready for perfect dinner but still he is the best. I don’t know, if I got married to anyone else, would that person love me as much B does..

I never thought I would like him. But eventually I never knew when i fell for him.. Finally there is only one thing I want to tell B.. -I love you idiot.. ;). You are not part of my life.. But u have become my life.. 😉

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