Bad eye/evil eye.

My mom doesn’t allow me to tell any good about my daughter to the visitors. The following are things I am not allowed to say..
  1. She has put on little weight. She has grown fast.
  2. She smiles at me.
  3. She sleeps in the night.( when I use huggies instead of cloth diaper)
  4. she is not fussy about her feeds.
  5. She is trying roll. She turns to her one side completely. ( it seems babies don’t roll till their third month).
  6. She opened her eyes immediately after she was born.
  7. She put her finger in the mouth on day one itself.
In fact I need to put the kajal on her forehead and cheeks every day. I need to make it as big as possible, so that my daughter looks ugly in front of others. Immediately after a visitor leaves my house, my mom comes with salt in her hand to remove all evil eyes of visitors. J.

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