False labour

It was Saturday morning. I had severe back ache. I was not sure what was happening. I told my husband about back ache, hoping that he would massage. But he went and told my mom. Mom is always mom. She called my friend, asked him to bring his car. I was taken to the nearby hospital. As it was a Saturday only duty doctor was available. He checked me. He called the gynecologist. But the gyn said, she can’t come to see me. Hence I was taken to another hospital, which was 20 km away from my house.

We reached the hospital. Doctor came to examine me. Oh ya, it was internal examination. I can’t say how much I hate it. As she was examining, I started bleeding. Doctor told me that I might be in labour any moment. I was asked to remove all my jewels and I was sent to labour room.

To my surprise and doctor’s surprise, I was the only patient for the day. The previous night they had some 22 cases including labor, DMC, uterus removal. I was asked to sleep on a bed. I didn’t get sleep. I was all excited knowing that I was in labour and going to have a baby soon. Lady in my next bed had a c-section done and got wheezing. I was holding her baby. The feel of holding a baby is great. Then the baby and the lady were shifted to ICU.

It became evening. Still there were no signs of pain. I asked the doctor in charge and went out the labour room to meet my mom and husband. They were all the more restless. I thought it was going nowhere. I asked the doctor in charge to send me back to my room for the night. They agreed to send me back.

I waited all night hoping to get pains. Doctor, who came to examine me, taught me few exercises. I did them every 40 minutes and walked for 20minutes each hour till noon. I was bleeding again. I was sent for scan. The scan reports said, I would be in labor any moment. But, there was no sign of pain. Suddenly fetal heartbeat was dropping down. So the doctor decided to induce me the next day for pains or else to do a c-section.

Monday morning, the senior doctor visited me. She said baby is in position. But it’s lazy to come out. So, I was asked to go home.

Note: as the hospital was multispecialty hospital, had to pay a huge amount for nothing.. as in false pains.

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