Here I am back after a long break.. Had to come back to Chennai, it was an emergency.

It was Sunday morning. At 6 am I got a call from my dad’s colleague. They were just talking casually to me. I was angry as they were spoiling my sleep. I told them I will call later and cut the call. Again I got call from them. This time they wanted to talk to my husband. I woke him up and gave the phone. My husband gave a shocked expression and went to balcony to speak further. I was all confused.

AD went out of the room and spoke to his parents. I got a doubt that, they were hiding something from me. MIL gave me milk and breakfast immediately. They asked me to take bath. All this was confirming my doubt. Then again I got call from dad’s colleague saying, nothing to worry angio is done. I was not sure why angio and what exactly it is. AD is smart. He took my laptop and locked it. He was sure I would Google what it is. Later they told me that, dad was admitted in Apollo. I couldn’t control my tears after knowing he was in hospital. Immediately I asked AD to book tickets in tatkal.

It was difficult to travel 16 hrs without reservation, when you are seven months pregnant. We made a break up journey. Still sitting for 6 hours straight was hell. At least for the second half of journey, I got ticket in AC 3 tier.

Finally we reached Chennai. But stupid husband as always created non- sense in the last minute. He wanted to go to his house, freshen up and sleep for some time and then go to hospital. He expects all formalities. He wanted me to greet his brother, SIL at that point of time. Thank god, I didn’t have a knife. Or else I would have killed him. I asked him to go his way. I took an auto and reached Apollo.

I went straight inside hospital. Mom was in waiting lounge. She told me that, dad was in ICU. We can him see in only in the evening. I waited there. The doctor called us to his cabin. I was curious to know what happened?. My mom gave me shock telling that dad had a heart attack last night. They didn’t tell me as I am pregnant. It took a while for it settle in mind.

It was visitor’s time. Mom got passes to see dad in ICU. But the doctor didn’t allow me to see dad . I was sent home immediately as I could catch infection. I was not allowed to stay in hospital also. It took me three days to see dad.

Now things have settled. There is more pressure on mom. Everybody is clueless why this happened.

Note: Dad had a heart attack. He is only 52, with no blood pressure or diabetics or anything else.. But still he had an attack. Best part was neither my parents nor my in-law told me about it till I reached Apollo hospital. It took me 16 hours to reach chennai, and my husband kept the news away from me and was making me laugh all the journey.

2 thoughts on “unexpected

  1. @madu: he better now.. but he has become little short tempered.. and gets upset and angry for all small things.. though we all act normal, we are still scared.. it will take time to get out of it..

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