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Why I am pregnant so soon?

I am really fed up answering people why I am pregnant so soon?. It’s my life and I have all rights to have a baby. Still I couldn’t tell them all that, as it would sound arrogant.

So here are few reasons why I am pregnant.

  1. I am already 26 years old, my hubby is 31. I don’t want to look like a grandma to the kid; I want to be her mother.
  2. I consider 26 is right age for me to have a healthy baby without complications.
  3. I feel that I am having a secured job. I and my husband earn enough to take care of the baby and its expense
  4. I and my husband feel that we have all our life to enjoy. We consider that having a baby around is more enjoyable than anything else.
  5. I feel that my parents and in-laws are becoming old with various medical exertions. So, it’s better for me to have a baby and get their support now.
  6. Only if have a baby now, I can plan to have a second one before I turn 30.
  7. Before I loose the attention as a new bride, I wanted to renew the pampering by becoming pregnant.
  8. As I am staying away from my husband because of our jobs, I wanted an excuse to stay with him.
  9. As my sis is in 10th standard, I wanted to have the baby during her holidays. So, I don’t disturb her or my parents during her +2 or college admissions.

Hence, I would declare that my baby is not a fluke baby, its planned baby. I am happy to have my due date, just after my first anniversary. J. So people stop bothering that I am pregnant so soon. I feel like to be this fertile.



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6 thoughts on “Why I am pregnant so soon?

  1. good one…u r clear abt why u want it….i am talking abt ppl who are being pressurized…and believe me…there are ppl like that…and quite a lot too….frankly speaking..

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