weekend with nail art…

I went out with hubby for last check up in vizag. Entering the third trimester makes me feel a little nervous. Doctor said everything is normal. I have put on another 3 kgs.. good that it is all baby’s weight and I have not put on fat. I am all pleased putting on weight now.

After the check up, I went to the nearby mall. I happened to see a telugu movie. Though movie was not good, I enjoyed pop-corn and coke. Don’t know, when again I will be in theatre ? looks like, it would take a long time for me see a movie in theatre.

Nail art: in the same mall, I saw this poster. I was so thrilled that I decided to get my nails painted. I was imagining that, they would take a size”0” brush. Take some paint and do some strokes on nail. I was actually ignorant on it. I realised after the seeing the kit, that they a stencil and stamping machine. I was all confused which design to get done. I was very specific and was trying my own design and colour combination there. The lady was so patient with me, though i asked to remove the nail polish thrice, made her try a design and asked to remove it as I didn’t like it. I asked her to take a rose flower design from one template and butterfly from other and put it in small nail.

Now that nail art went on well, I am scared to do any activity using my hands. I don’t want all the efforts to go waste. So, now I am taking care of my nails with great concern. J

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