Comparison of MIL and MOM

On a Saturday morning.

Me: (sleeping till 7.30 in the morning)

MOM: get up madam, I have lots of work to do. If u take bath, I can put ur cloths for wash.

MIL: (in case I open my eyes to see the time) sleep, it’s a holiday. What will you do getting up early?

While having breakfast.

ME: I am hungry, what is there for breakfast.

MOM: I am not running any hotel to give you menu. Eat what is kept.

MIL: its dosa. ( and she serves them hot. In fact brings them one by one to living room, where is it)

Note: though mom is arrogant, she makes better crisp dosa’s.

When I have to take headbath.

ME: Now a days, I am feeling giddy if stay in the bathroom for long

MOM: that is why I ask u to eat properly. U never listen to me.. Blah Blah..

MIL: shall I help you by washing your hair?

When I have to apply oil

Me: I have long hair; can anybody help me with Oil session?

MOM: people have to their own work. When you don’t help me with kitchen chores, how do you expect me to do anything for you?

MIL: come here, let me help you.

Lunch time.

Me: I am not hungry.

MOM: don’t say that. You should eat for the baby inside you. Ok tell me, what you want me to make. In facts feeds me.

MIL: (takes it an excuse) ok, then let me make only rasam today.


Me: I am feeling bored.

MOM: ok, come let’s go out for a walk or shopping

MIL: it’s getting dark outside, let’s stay back at home and watch TV.


Me: what is for dinner?

MOM: let’s make something interesting or go out and eat.

MIL: I want to watch TV program, can you cook?

Final conclusion is, both Mom and MIL are unpredictable. They keep changing their behaviour, and I am the only lazy one constant. At times, mom is really good, but expects back help from me. Mom is all enthusiastic like me, outspoken. MIL is good, helpful. MIL can mould according to situation, please me and get work done by me.

note: my mom scolded me for no reason, i am so angry with her. hence this post.


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