50kg TAJMAHAL ( me)

I have become 50kgs. Yes, it was my dream to put on weight and touch 50.. I have been trying to put on for past 6 to 7 years..

Efforts by me to put on weight:

1. Eating lots of ghee, kind of finished a bottle a week
2. I used to sleep in afternoon after a heavy lunch
3. I used to have pizza with extra cheese on all weekends
4. I used to eat lots of banana’s
5. I used to eat rice all three times a day
6. I used to eat plain cheese cubes
7. I used to eat sweets, though I prefer spicy food

But nothing worked. Everybody around me were jealous, as I eat a lot but don’t put on weight. Finally one of my friends told,” ondana gudu ava”( if u become pregnant, u will put on weight). Finally the tip worked.. I have put on 5 kgs . hoping to put on another 5 kgs by end of my trimester. J

Note: I hope not to put on anymore than that. Or else it would be difficult reduce later..


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