Yesterday was a treat.. I wonder how all good things happen on same day. Few days back, I had casually told my friends that I feel like eating Gulab Jamun. One of them took it serious and had made it specially for me. She had got it to office to give me. She opened a box full of jamun and asked me to have as many as I want… wow it tasted really good.

After having a sweet, its general tendency of anyone to ask for something spicy to eat. Another friend just dropped in with a plate of chilli bajji. I was on cloud nine eating my favourite dishes..

With all happiness, I went home to tell MIL about the jamuns. To my surprise, my neighbours have given “sunuonda” and chicken briyani.

Wow what a day it was. Wish it happens once in a while.

Note: all this happens only if you are pregnant and shamelessly tell people around you about your cravings. And you would be leaving the city soon. J


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