Home alone.. :(

I am staying alone in a different city and my husband stays in a different city. I always thought it’s difficult for pregnant ladies to stay alone. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it is difficult though.

Unfortunately due to my new job, I was forced to leave b’lore and settle in vizag. Though vizag is known for its natural beauty with sea shore and mountains abutting it, it’s also known for its high crime rate. I am caught alone in this strange land. I am new to this place and work. When I was trying to settle in the new atmosphere, I got to know that I am pregnant. Wow, yet another twist in life.

But luckily when I went for my first check up, hubby was with me. Neither of us could believe it, but were happy receiving the shock. Before my wedding, I planned a lot.. As in how to surprise hubby with the great news.. But when it came to actual moment, words flew out with tears…

2nd month- I would keep forgetting that I am pregnant and keep jumping around. My hubby has to call me every now and then from Chennai to caution me.

3rd month- I got an excuse to go Chennai, as it was my first diwali. Hence, I spent a while with my parents and hubby.

4th month- was kind of lucky as hubby got “work from home” option for few days, and mom-in-law came to stay with me.

5th month- it was a shift change. Mom came over to replace mom-in-law. So, had gala time shopping, going around the city, and eating out.

6th month- I was staying alone with mom-in-law and father-in-law. Hoping that hubby will join me soon.

7th month- hurry.. I am going to my parents place. So, here I am just counting days, so that I can have a relaxed life, and need not manage anything on my own.


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