I somehow enjoy talking (scolding) about my mom-in-law. I have become so addicted that, I can’t sleep even a night, without discussing about her to someone. She is both the best thing and worst thing which happened to me. So, here are the few dialogues between her and me.

First time:

All of a sudden, it happened when we were watching a TV serial.

Mother-in law(M): I lost 25 lakhs of money.

Me (D): what?

M: if my son didn’t marry you, he would have got a Flat in apartment, 10 lakhs cash and girl, who is working.

D: so what am I supposed to do?

M: no nothing I am just telling you.

D: ok.

(She goes back to the room to do her work, M goes back to kitchen to continue cooking.)

After few days, the same conversation

M: you should be really grateful to us

D: why? (With a surprised look)

M: you parents didn’t give us any money; we spend all the money for the wedding

D: hmmm (what the heck. What did you do to all the money we gave )

D: (calls her husband) what is all this non-sense, I can’t take it anymore.

After few months, the same conversation happens.

D: I am thinking of opening a RD account for you in post office.

M: why all that, it’s ok. By the way, what is it??

D: I will deposit some amount for you every month. You will get all the money with interest after 5 years. Then you can buy whatever you want.

M: (smiles) I will become old then, what will I buy or use the money for?.

D: (I know that, anyways I will take it from you then and buy something for my kid) that is your wish. You buy gold or something..

M: if I got my son married to my cousin’s daughter, I would have got money now only.

D: (what?? Gets frustrated) oh yes, if that is the case, ask your son to get married to that girl now only and take the money. In case that money is not sufficient, get your husband also married again.

M: what didn’t I say that you are making so much of fuss; I am staying here only because of you.

D: I also didn’t say anything.

M: you don’t even give your salary to your father-in-laws hands.( so that, i can buy jewels from your money and give it to other sons and grandsons.)

D: (why should I give? When i am handling all the expenses and buying everything what you need) not like that, I don’t want you to take any tension at this old age. so I will only manage everything.

M: we are not money minded family. We got my son married to you. It’s all our fate. Because of you, we are seeing poverty.

D: ( right, how cans she be so immature) ok. Ask your son, why he selected me?

M: ( goes to kitchen and back with glass of milk) drink. It’s getting late na. Let’s sleep.

D: ( sleep? Is she mad or what? Neither can i tell this to my husband, as he would support his mother only. Where do i let all my frustrations? Hmmm.. let me write it my blog.)

3 thoughts on “In-laws….

  1. Amazing how you handle, lot to learn from you. ( came from IHM blog, you gave a link to my post there)

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