Oh ya, how can I forget the favourite topic of any pregiee.. The cravings.. I did have lots of name sake craving earlier during my first trimester. I kept on nagging A’sD to get me raw mangoes to eat. But he being known for his laziness didn’t fulfil my “mango” wish at all.

The following is the list which i wanted during different months of my pregnancy:

Raw mangoes


Gongura pickle

French fries

KFC burger

Tuti-fruity ice cream

Kaju katli


I think the list seems to be never ending. I have fluctuating cravings. I want something at that very moment. When I am offered the same, I don’t want to eat it. In fact I remember asking my mom-in-law to make kozhukattai and later refused to eat even one. Poor lady, I kept on troubling her for my crazy wishes.

Now in the 7th month, my latest craving is for water melons. J


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