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Oct 12th 2010.

I am so inspired by “boo boo baby talk blog”, I decided to write one of such kind. As I am in family way, and expecting a junior soon, thought its nice way to document the experience.

I was having terrible stomach ache. I decided to see the doctor. First time I was seeing a gynaecologist. Was feeling little embarrassed to sit next to all pregnant ladies with big tummies. I thought it was just going to be casual visit.

Doctor prescribed few tests. I thought it was normal for them to check, as they want to get more money. I had to undergo an ultrasound scan. They made me drink lots of water. When my bladder was full, I was ready for the scan. it was first time. Let me tell you, it’s really uncomfortable experience. Your bladder is full and the Doctor presses you abdomen. You would be at constant tension that you might bust then and there. I doctor looked at me and smiled. I thought, he was going to say, everything is normal and ask me why, was I there for the scan. To my surprise, he told me that I was six weeks pregnant. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it at all. It almost took me a day to accept the fact. I am planning to have a baby this year. But I never thought it would happen so soon. But anyways, I am all happy happy. J.



I welcome you here! My blog is primarily a blank paper with chronicles of my everyday thoughts and happenings around me spilling like colours. It has various hues, bright, cheerful at times dark episodes of my life. I like to speak a lot and tell stories, but rarely find patient listeners. So, here I am venting out, everything crossing my mind. it is also a record book of my little Barbie’s antics and growth. It is just not about the baby ,but also helps me to keep track of fights and special moments with husband, in-laws and friends. I am an Architect by profession working for an Govt. away from husband because of job location. I love writing, painting, reading and cooking (occasionally).I like roaming around and window shopping. But, now unable to move even an inch outside, because of my daughter. I am originally from Andhrapradesh and have lived in Tamilnadu for 25 years and now back in Andhra. So you will find mix of words from both the languages and me trying to settle down in this new place. Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. Please email me at

2 thoughts on “Oct 12th 2010.

  1. thanks divya.. i am hoping that i am going a girl baby and my husband will let me name her Ashreya..
    congrats to you.. after reading this post, my husband has started reacting and fulfilling all my wishes.. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Ashreya 🙂 Lovely name.

    I am 10 week pregnant and came across your blog. Just been reading few of ur posts , and i was curious to find out how other pregnant ladies are. I am having my first scan on March 14th and i cant wait to see the baby and also confirm if all is ok..

    My sister is also 7 weeks pregnant like you 😉

    I read the cravings post and i feel all that as well. I wanted to have pulikachal very badly and i called my mum and she was on the phone through out the preparations time. It actually came out ok.

    Reading abt your Hubby sounds a lot like my husband. He is extremely lazy as well and one of these days i will def kick him and make him get things done for me.

    I feel like having raw mango with mulaga podi and salt or Paruppu podi sadam, Thengai podi and i feel like having all the puluippu stuff.

    Keep writing and i enjoyed reading the posts 🙂 I have always wanted to write blogs and attempted so many times, however i dont think my blog will be a good one to read.. But one of these days i will succumb to the temptation. 🙂

    Take care and enjoy ur pregnancy and did you find out the baby is a girl or ur hoping for one 😉


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