Life seems to go the way I like. I am getting everything I want till I met u. there was something pulling me towards you. What is it? Is that your looks, charm or it’s just that I feel comfortable talking to you.

It was late in the night. I had to catch a bus. You offered me a ride. That was the first time I came out with you. I didn’t know the city either, but just trusted you and came along. You were driving in a high speed. I had no balance. I was holding your bag tight, which was between us. I couldn’t tell you, that I am afraid. I asked you lots of questions to bridge the silence between us. I still don’t know how many you answered. I couldn’t hear it in the noisy traffic around.

We stopped at mall, which is famous in the city. You were walking casually in escalators. I didn’t know the directions. I just followed you like an obedient student. You ordered food for us. Just then I realized I didn’t have enough money, I couldn’t ask you to pay for me in the first outing. You paid for it. I pretended to give you. You said its ok. Then I started telling you all my stories. You were just nodding. I was surprised how someone can be so silent. You said, “that you like to listen than to talk”.

Still there was lots of time left. We went around the city.

We reached my destination, the bus stand. It was so crowded. I lost the direction. My luck never favors me. it didn’t leave me that day too. We had to wait for the bus, as it was delayed. We spent few more hours together there.

You asked me to sit in a place and you went searching for my bus. I felt bad, making you roam like this in the middle of the night. But I had no choice. Finally was happy seeing the bus. I sat inside. I thought you would be there till the bus starts. But you left me and went back. I spent all journey thinking about you and first encounter.

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