hurt love

It hurts to love someone,
and not to be loved in return
but what is most painful is to love someone
and never finds the courage
to let the person know how you feel.
Oops, I sent a message telling what I felt. I didn’t get any reply. I was wondering if the message is delivered or not? It was a national message, got assured when my balance reduced.
Confused I tossed from side to side on bed. I know him for past twenty years, “how is he going to react? “Was the only thought in my mind.Unable to sleep in that night, I went and sat near the window. I kept watching the night sky for long time. I felt the night was unusually beautiful, the stars and the moon made me wonder. I was thinking of the times we spent together, in school, at home, the time I went spent playing cards. I was wondering from when it all started? it was hard to recollect twenty long years.I was touched by the gentle breeze. The breeze drove me crazy. I went back to the bed, closed my eyes. His thoughts became dream for me, and the dreams became sweet. That’s when I realized the importance for the word “sweet dreams”.
Next day I went to meet him. When he came near I started trembling. I took a deep breadth. I felt I need all the courage to tell what was in my little heart. I just began,” there is something I have to…” I couldn’t speak a word more, I gulped hard.I felt cold and hot at the same time. My palms were sweating.
He came closer, and all my courage evaporated.Without a word he took me in his arms, for few precious moments I didn’t feel like moving away. I wished; let the time stand still shutting out the world. He said,” some things have changed, the world will turn on, and things are bound to change”I kept starring unable to speak.He continued,” I am sorry, you are always a kid to me. I don’t have such feeling towards you. ”It was hard to come over it, but understood each word he meant.
Then I realize the fact that,” the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past. You can’t go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches”.

7 thoughts on “hurt love

  1. hey anu.. what u said is true only…but we should always look forward for the best to come.. past is past and though its not easy it should be forgotten

  2. HI Anusha.. I can understand the pain in every word of urs… I am one of those people with no courage to open up.. coz.. its very tough for me to let go off the past..-Hema

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