first office

I felt I landed up in the wrong place. They were only few around me, but I could feel their steady revulsion attacking me. I had no option, but bear with, as my grades were held with them. I started walking towards the man, who ruled the cabin. I felt an aversion towards him. Who is he to rule me? I am not that insignificant. I thought, there were few other creatures under him, suffering just like me. May be I should call them, the oldies with old fashioned ideas, trying to rule the contemporary world. I sure that the only asset they possess is their big mouth, which can roll in all directions. And the only one with whom I could discuss things was the pretty women sitting next to me. Pretty not by looks but with her attitude. I was confused! Whom to trust?.

I was always in a place surrounded by women; this followed from school to college and didn’t end in my office also. But I was never gender biased as I was always known for my capable flirting. But first time in the air, I could feel the uncomfortable air puncturing me.

The days passed by with mutual insults. But I lost the battle. He had the upper hand, of course in all aspects. I didn’t know what his intensions were, but I knew he wanted to throw me out. Soon my stupidity touched him, made him realize I am a person wanting to be cared, with lots of similar dreams as his, without any direction.

I was summoned to do part of his projects. I sat straight facing him. I did loads of mistakes, but never got fired. I tied hard to not repeat them, but I failed. Then there were even stages were I had to travel with him. That’s when first he talked to anything other than subject. We discussed about my future, his dreams, my ambition, and what not.. I realized there was lots experience in every word he uttered. I thought I got a nice brother who can guide me and he was bold enough to accept it.

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