It was a very tiresome day. I was too exhausted to work any more. Bell rang giving me a new venture to explore and get out of the work. I ran to open the door and see who it was. As I expected a key to my hearts lock, one of my close friends.

As the weather outside was calm and cool, he offered me a ride. We parked the vehicle near the big wall. The big wall before me seemed like a end, as my hectic daily life. He took me high on the bridge, from where I could see the wonderful sea as beautiful as life. We decided to walk towards it. It was dark by then; we were walking along the seashore as cold waves washed my feet. I froze when the chillness struck me; I held his hands tight close to my heart. When I realized what I was doing, I glanced at him…

I stumbled in my heart receiving such a look from him. It made me wonder, so many thoughts. I stood there still. Unable to speak. He started walking fast, I couldn’t keep in pace with him, he was suddenly running away from me. I felt the sky was heavy above me. The sea is un-seemingly vast calling me to join it and promising to make me one among the stars. I sat blank, tears rolled down my cheeks. Just felt, all my dreams have shattered. His thoughts made me recluse, who knows when the love will strike.

In the moonlight, I saw a shadow in front of me, turned back to see who it was. A bunch of roses were in front of me, he was on his knees to propose me.. there was no time to talk, its was silence all round. All of a sudden , I felt his warmness running through my heart when my cold lips was on his.


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  1. Really touchy dude, well written, so natural esp the last line, (thought it should have been “cold lips WERE on his” ;).. keep writing..

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